Friday, September 22, 2017

Female Magic-user and yet another Goblin

Got the female magic-user I was talking about in the last post finished this week along with a test goblin.  I wanted to see if I could make a less "stocky" looking goblin out of the long beads, and a split long bead as it's body armor instead of the plug and split spool construction I used for my Moria goblins for my LotR miniatures game I put on at my gaming club a couple months ago.

I am pretty happy with both of them.  I think she looks great, and I wanted to paint her to be a more "seasoned" magic-user.  It seems like in miniatures we have young and old male magic-users, but only young female magic users.  So I decided to make her a more senior magic-user with her gray locks blowing back from the magical energy she is giving off.

Nothing new construction wise with her.  Tile spacer feet and arms.  Shaker peg body with the "nub" cut off the bottom of the peg.  Head is a long tapered bead that I painted to look like she is wearing a large rigid head covering of some type (a la Erol Otus).  I gave her a cloak with a big cowl, both made of paper, as is her hair.  The hole at the end of the bead made it easy to attach her hair.  Her wand is a toothpick cut to size, and she has a tile spacer piece on her chest as a large metal pin holding her cloak closed.  I actually even gave her a paper belt, so that is more than just paint, there is a bit of texture there with the belt even though you can't really tell that in the picture.

The goblin is a long tapered bead for a body, a split tapered bead for shoulders and chest, tile spacer cut to be shoulder armor pieces, tile spacer sword, arms, and feet, and a small round precut wooden craft piece for a shield.  His ears are also tile spacers and his head is a split bead.  I didn't do anything different on him as far as his head and ears go compared to the Moria goblins I did before, it's just that his body and shoulder pieces are different.  He isn't quite as "blocky" looking in person than the Moria goblins.  I decided to paint him in a scheme that would be familiar to current D&D players since of late they have been making the goblins have yellowish skin.

Here are some more pics, from the rear:

And from the side:

I've got a pretty good collection of female adventurers now.  Two magic-users, two fighter types, a cleric, a thief, a dwarf, an elf, and a halfling.  Here they are in a row.
Here are the magic-users and fighter types up close.
And here are the cleric, thief, and demi-humans up close.
I obviously fell in love with creating hair for them out of paper because only two of them are wearing anything close to a helmet. 

Now, onto their male counterparts!  I've already got a good head start, really I just need to do a second male wizard and the demi-humans.


  1. I guess the halting thief (all the way to the right) is still my favorite. Really nice collection though!

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